3 Simple Interior Design Ideas Pros Guarantee For A Beautiful Home!

Spent a ton load of money buying your perfect home? But can’t seem to decorate the interiors to showcase it in the best possible manner? We have got you covered! Our team spoke to some of the best interior decorators in town and summarized below 3 bulletins that can work their magic in transforming ‘your home’ into ‘your dream home’!

Choose a colour scheme or palette and be consistent throughout!
Create a colour scheme or palette that is pleasing to your taste. Make sure to choose the right colours because backtracking would be a tedious task. Use the same colour scheme throughout your home to make it consistent. For instance, if you choose a colour scheme that includes red, black, grey and white for a very vibrant look make sure to use the four colours in variation and variant shades all around the house. Research more on the different colour schemes to get the perfect blend you’re looking for. Look for suggestions online, you can also look for furniture online to deduce on easily available furniture colours.

Furnish your home with THE RIGHT furniture’s for a spacious and luxurious look
Did you know you can make your living space look more heightened than it really is? Using low height furniture achieves this! A very popular furniture in the modern times is the sofa bed in Singapore that is a sofa that is convertible to a bed when necessary. It is a great space saver and a great option for a living room, to change from sofa to bed for a comfy posture during a movie night!

If you prefer antique furniture then try to stick to it and have most of the furniture in antique style but if you opt for a rather modern set of furniture then stick to it. If you want a modernized household with few antiques, go ahead but make sure the antique furniture is given a highlight to make it look special and not, out of place.

Wall hangings and other décor accessories
Mirrors are an exquisite piece that add value to homes. Have a mirror hanging vertically reaching the floor in the living room for an air of luxury. Most of the interior decorators agreed that a most over looked item was the window trim, though the trim (window blinds) can make a rather huge impact on the overall look. Go for a trim that matches your furniture and color schemes and make sure it serves the purpose well!

Use wall hangings such as paintings or even wallpapers and stickers matching your colour scheme making sure to not over do anything. Although DIY wall hangings are an attractively cheap option, don’t hang anything that doesn’t look good enough. There are cheaper and relatively good options online too.

A final piece of advice from our very talented interior decorators: Hire a professional interior decorator if you are not a very artistic and creative person. Because the cost of redoing unattractive and unsatisfied interior decorating can be more costly. And also getting a professional to do the job increases the value of your home spontaneously.