4 Basic Guidelines Needed To Arrange A Dinner Table For An Event

Setting up a meal for a lot of guests at a party is usually the most difficult task when it comes to organizing an event. One of the popular types of meal set ups are the ones that give guests the choice of foods they would like to eat. These typically allow the guests to form a line, serve what they like and move to the next serving station. This article will help you follow some guidelines on how to set up a buffet table.

Prepare the space needed
Prior to preparing the space for the reliable buffet catering, it is important to determine the number of guests and the budget you are planning to spend on food and the services. It is recommended to calculate costs leaving an extra 15% from the total budget in case of any unexpected expenses and emergencies. It is essential to choose the space of the dining area early, a space that is ideally 10 square feet is a comfortable space.

Arranging the room
It is entirely up to the host’s choice if the seating area needs to be in a separate room altogether. This depends on the number of guests, allocation of space and personal preferences for example; in a mini buffet catering, large spaces will not be required. However, make sure that there is a good flow in the room so any excess clutter or furniture needs to be removed. The dinner table can be set up in such a way so that it can be accessed from all areas of the room. Having a start and end to the table will help keep the line moving and organized.

Arranging the table
The beverage table should be kept away from the main food table, so that this gives time and comfort for the guests to choose their food first and set it down before heading over to the beverage table to pour a drink. The same applies to the dessert table and this too should be designated away from the main course table. This also helps the guests to easily maneuver around the table and avoid unnecessary spillage of drinks on the food.

Presentation is vital at these types of meal set ups, so do not forget to make it appealing and presentable. Clean cups, plates, utensils and tablecloth are essential and make sure you do not have food served in different types of containers. Always try to have a theme and colour when setting up the table as this will make the dinner more appealing and welcoming.