4 Tips For Looking Younger!

Aging is a natural process that all of us have to endure. All that matters, is however how we achieve it. Read on to learn how to age with elegance while retaining that youthful look. Listed below are some tips to reverse the sagging of skin due to old age and making it look younger and flawless again!

Yes, yoga is one of the best natural ways that enable you to look so many years younger instantly. Consistently doing yoga exercises not only helps one to keep in shape but also rejuvenates the skin and adds a look of freshness. Thanks to the deep breaths and meditation in yoga, which help in making one look younger and refreshed. Some yoga instructors and dermatologists believe that yoga is a great anti-aging cure, acne reducer and also brightens skin tone.

Beauty & Cosmetic tips
There are a few important tactics that can make all the difference in the world in making you look younger, instantly! Add highlights to your hair to instantly get a younger look. The highlights make the face look fuller and adds a touch of beauty. Hair does make a huge impact on how we look. Next, trade in your black eye liner for a navy blue one. The navy blue makes the eyes look bigger and revitalized compared to the black. Also try to use primers and serums with silicone in it to reduce wrinkles. The Silicone fills in the fine lines erasing any indication of wrinkles or lines. One of the most effective methods to look younger instantly is the thermage skin tightening cosmetic procedure. The thermage system uses heat to tighten the layers of skin that lies within. Which in turn immediately reduces wrinkles, sagginess and the fine lines. The best part is that it is not painful and has no recovery time therefore showcasing the amazing results instantaneously!

Face Clean ups and Treatments
Visit the salon regularly for the best results! Make sure to get a monthly face clean up done without fail. The facial scrub and massage reduces old age and sagging of skin by a tenfold. If you have an acne prone skin then its best you get an quality acne scar treatment in Singapore done as and when advised by your salon artist. Your salonist will recommend treatments and facials based on your skin type and need.

Eating Healthy & Drinking water
“We are what we eat!” is a scientifically proven fact that every cell in our body comprises of the food we eat, the water we drink & the air we breathe.

How good we look depends directly on the cell structure of our skin. The healthier we eat, naturally the better we look. Foods to avoid include confectionary sugar, oily food, fast food, too much chocolates & excessive meat intake, especially pork.

Drinking the correct levels of water is extremely important to keep your skin refreshed and glowing hence making you look younger. The general thinking is that a person’s body needs approximately eight – 8 ounce glasses of water. Popularly known as the 8 X 8 rule.

It equals to about 2 liters of water.
Try out these tips for a younger and glowing look that will make you feel rejuvenated and happy in your own skin!