Flowery Ideas For Your Wedding That Are Fresh And Lovely

Getting married means that you as the bride have a ton of planning and decision making. From your gown to your bridal party, the venue to the food is all in your hands. Making the right decision will result in a successful day. Getting the groom invoked is a must. Leaving part of the family and involving the key persons will be sufficient. The parents should have a say in everything, after all it is their wedding too, in a certain way. So as you make and take care of the different aspects, here are a few fresh ideas that can help you move along with breeze.

Have individuality in the flowers
Everyone wants to match everything. How about you buy flowers online for the brides make bouquets and keep them all different. Let the flowers suit the personalities of the girls and let the groomsmen have matching flowers on their suits. This will be a different way to match. Rather than having the same arrangements for all the girls. It will not only look trendy and cute, but will also make for some nice pictures.

Setting up the space
The wedding flowers venue decoration in Singapore is also a major part of your wedding. The way the place is set up is important, as this will be displayed in your pictures and also end up being a great source of energy and atmosphere for the whole event. Flowers have a beautiful way of making the place lovely. Set it up with some unique centre pieces incorporating gold and soft petals and have your guests feel like they are attending a royal occasion.

Go away with colour
Most people have confetti for the going away. We suggest having a mix of colourful petals. Prepare a mix of petals by asking your florist to put together a small collection from the flowers that have come a loose when preparing the bouquets and decorations. These fallen petals can be used as confetti. Not only will it have a great look, but will smell good too. It will fall gentle as it is light weight and look great on close up portrait shots. Who doesn’t like the feel of soft petals on their skin? Avoid any flowers you might be allergic to, or that can stain your white gown.

Have small plant to keep
In the middle of your bouquet it would be great idea to have a small flowering shoot of a plant of choice. Make sure, before you throw this bunch off to the excited crowd of women looking to catch and be next to tie the knot, to gentle slip it off. As you leave the place to your new home take this with you and out put it in a pot as your own little wedding plant. As it grows with your marriage, you will have something special to have and celebrate each passing year. Let it gently remind you that true love and genuine care will make for a strong plant and marriage.