Possible Complications Of Pregnancy

Although most pregnancies in the world go normally, some could experience complications during different stages such as when carrying the baby, during labour, post labour etc. Hence it is important that you have knowledge on these so that you are aware of such conditions. Of course your doctor would be looking out for them, but it would be better if you take responsibility too. So here are some of them.

1. Miscarriage
Miscarriages could occur during the first 20 weeks hence taking care of yourself is vital during that period. Most miscarriages happen due to chromosomal abnormabilities in the fertilized egg. Vaginal spotting or bleeding is usually the first sign of a miscarriage; however bleeding is normal during the first few weeks even if you don’t have a miscarriage. To make sure, meet your Mount Elizabeth Novena gynae and tell him or her all the problems you’ve come across. If he suspects a miscarriage, he will take an ultrasound to inspect what’s going on inside your womb.

2. Premature birth
Any birth before completing 37 weeks of pregnancy is known to be a premature birth. Your cervix will begin to dilate or thin out early, causing such premature births. This could bring many health problems to the baby since he will be very much sensitive to the environment. A simple germ could kill him. Also, if the baby is born too early, it could be difficult for the baby to survive. The later he is born, the better. Sometimes if there are complications with the baby, your keyhole surgery gynae will have to take the baby out prematurely.

3. Preeclampsia
This could be serious condition if turned severe. If you have high blood pressure and high protein in your urine, liver or kidney abnormabilities after 20 weeks of pregnancy, you are said to have this condition. Symptoms of preeclampsia are rapid weight gain, dizziness, abdominal pain, severe headaches etc. when close to the due date. This condition’s severity can be avoided by good care of mother and baby. However, it can progress quickly and even be fatal so due care is compulsory.

4. Ectopic pregnancy
This is the condition known to be when the fertilized egg starts growing in a place other than the womb. The most common area to experience such a condition is the fallopian tube hence it is often called as tubal pregnancies. These need to be identified early since if the tubes are damaged with the growth of the egg, it could cause bleeding which could be fatal for the mother. Since the fertilixed egg cannot be replaced or pushed forward to the womb, the only solution is to wash it off.