Spectacular Wedding Décor Ideas!

One of the utmost methodically planned fundamentals of your wedding is your wedding décor. You and your partner tirelessly work night after night to achieve a spectacular wedding with no mistakes. So here we are giving you the perfect tips when it comes to wedding décor. We want you to have an enjoyable and most importantly perfect wedding that you both dreamt of!

The Royal theme
Do you love a lot of bling and glitz on your wedding day? Then choose a dark theme colour like Royal blue or Dark purple with white and gold to go with it. Add rhinestones to your perfect flower bouquet and other decorations. You also can have pearls hanging down a string around your altar or reception area. Add to the glitz with a few shiny stone attached to the brides wedding gown and the grooms tie. But make sure to not overdo it. For it would then seem too glitzy and ugly.

Simple but Elegant
If you would love a simple and elegant theme then choose a palette of jewel tones like purple, sapphire and emerald. Mix them up with ivory to off white, to pull off a romantic essence with an air of elegance. You can order flowers online for the wedding décor. These online sites have many options and colours to choose from and they also deliver on time to the required location. Have a simple dree with little or no color added to it and let the groom also be dressed in a cooler tone. Have center pieces of lilies or roses to accent the tables with elegance and simplicity.

Hollywood Glam
If you are interested in a more lively and glamorous wedding event then this is your option. These weddings use bright colours like red and black with a touch of vintage to add up to sophistication. The venue should also consist of a red carpet that like the usual Hollywood carpet runways used at Hollywood events. Black suits with black ties are a common attire at such weddings. The bride can have a red bouquet of flowers to contrast against the white wedding gown. You can research online to check where to buy bouquet online in Singapore to buy the perfect bouquet to match your theme.

Pale Pink Décor
The pale pink décor is a commonly used theme for most weddings because most brides to be favour the pink colour. The pale pink theme actually looks really good if the décor is pulled off very well. Here the center pieces and other wall decors are a different shade of pale pink and white. This girlish and dreamy look connects ivory satin linens and feathery fragrant floras such as hydrangeas, peonies, and English roses in a range of pink shades.

The wedding theme are not limited to these theme mentioned above. However, these are commonly used themes that has most often than not made the guest go WOW! So if you are afraid to try a totally different theme colour it is safe to go with one of these. Because these themes have stood the test of time and speculation and have emerged as a few of the best and most spectacular wedding décor ideas ever!