The 5 Ultimate Tips To Restyling Your Patio!

Do you have an outdoor space that you intend on using as a patio? Having a patio is a great idea especially to relax and have some super-duper fun time with friends and family whilst enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. I, myself am a nature lover and so my love for having a patio in my home. I recently recreated my patio and styled it in accordance to the modern flooring trends. The difficulties and lack of a proper guide in restyling a patio led me into writing this ultimate guide with 5 simple tricks to get the job done easily!

BudgetFirst and foremost decide on a budget and prioritize your spending. This way you can cut on unnecessary costs while achieving your desired patio. There are many aspects to decide on when restyling or refurbishing your patio. Make a list of deductions as to why you plan on restyling your patio. Next, provide solutions to those issues you identified. Then list down what other additional requirements you have. Complete the list and get a quote for each job on your list that needs to be done. Now comes the tedious task of prioritizing the most important from the least. Set your budget accordingly and spend for that job that is most important at the moment. A useful tip: try to get quotes from different suppliers to compare prices and choose the best!

FurnitureDecide on the furniture that you need to buy. This directly depends on the purpose you intend on using the patio for. Most people prefer to have a dining table in their patio for regular outdoor diners. While some others like to have an adults’ swing for some relaxation. There are even a few who have a coffee table with chairs and bean bags only to be used as a regular hangout spot. So if you wish to use the patio for any one or two reasons, make sure to get the appropriate furniture’s. Make sure the furniture blends in with the quality decking in Singapore.

Increase the frequency of patio being usedWhere your patio is located carries a huge significance to the question of how often it will be used. If you are planning on using your patio frequently then adhere to these simple tips. Locate your patio closer to your home and especially closer to the kitchen if you plan on having outdoor dinners regularly. Try to add a shelf or simply a box full of activities to do while in the patio. That way, you don’t have to keep going back in to the house to get things. Instead, you get to stay on the patio and not run about! I have a neatly organized rack of some interesting reads, toys for the kids, a deck of cards and some snacks and drinks. This way we get to actually spend some quality time on the patio without always having to run back home. The outdoor decking of the patio is also a vital factor. Make sure the deck is made up of non-slippery flooring to avoid slipping. If you choose a tiled floor it could be a problem especially if your patio will get wet in the rain. Most people opt for a wooden floor to thus avoid such happenings.

Privacy & surrounding

Most patios are outdoor fully open ones. But it is best if you could add some privacy to it. Definitely have a roof for your patio, a strong one. That way you get to stay in the patio despite the rain, and the furniture and other belongings in your patio won’t be damaged. Try to have at least one side of the patio attached to the house wall or garage. Then you will have only three open sides and can use blinds or curtains to cover up if required. You can also build a fence around the patio.

LightingUse powerful but energy saving bulbs of one or two and for the rest you can use twinkle lights or jet lights as I have done with mine. Some people also opt for flash lights for a more lightened experience. Lighting preference depends wholly on your choice. But if your patio is generally in the dark with no street lights in the vicinity it’s better to be more lightened.

Use these tips to enjoy restyling your patio to the best possible. I am sure my experience in renovating my patio can be used as a tool in deciding to do yours!