The Plastic Doll Look – And How To Avoid It

Although there is still a slight stigma (and cost!) attached to plastic surgery procedures without it being medically necessary, more and more people visit surgeons looking for slight adjustments to their face that will boost their self-confidence and help them be more comfortable with themselves. While it is a personal choice to make any changes to your face or body, try to remember that the reason you stand out is not because of any supposedly perfect figure or symmetrical face or because of a perfect face; it’s thanks to your unique features. So when you do go under the knife, try not to look like a plastic doll.

Bald Head TreatmentThis is a rather serious treatment so doctors recommend that you go for the best surgeons and the best technology that you can afford. The ARTAS hair transplant technology allows doctors to harvest hair follicles from donor areas in the back and sides of your head in such a way that there is no damage to the hair follicle and is minimally invasive. The benefit of this is that, unlike the cheaper alternatives, the locks on your head will eventually look and be real, without the perfectly coiffed, manicured lawns you see on some men and women who wear wigs or have other alternative treatments, that make them look like dolls on display.

Shape of Your FaceThere is no ideal facial shape but chin fillers have recently become popular for people who prefer to have some definition around their chins and jaw line. The added volume will round out a recessive chin and make it more prominent, thus defining the shape of your face especially when viewed from the side. This is a great option if you covet the ‘V’ shaped face or wish to have a longer looking face. Just remember that if your face is too different from what it was before, it will immediately cause red flags among most of your acquaintance. Change enough to give it some definition but do no change anything drastically.

Shape UpIf you have been eating healthy, exercising right and you have lost all excess weight BUT still find it hard to get that sculpted shape you have dreamed of, then maybe liposonix treatments can help you. This non-invasive procedure uses intense ultra sound waves to get rid of unwanted fat and ‘love handles’ so that the body can naturally process it out in the upcoming weeks. The trick here is to take a light touch so that you don’t look like a corseted hourglass; it may have been a popular look in 1940’s America, but it is no longer considered healthy or even ‘in.’ Besides, why would you bother to subscribe to a social norm that changes every few years?